Withdrawal is Kicking my Butt (no post)

Withdrawal is really kicking my butt the past 48 hours, so no real post today. Here’s hoping I feel well enough to write something for Friday.

I’m starting to notice a pattern where I dip badly into cannot cope mode, hopefully I can figure out how to better plan and stay ahead on my writing. Personal accountability is what’s beating me up. I have a very real reason for a post not to go live today, but I guess the years of beating it into me (literally and figuratively) that the mindset of work til you drop still holds strong.

And, well, this is something I have. I’ve been doing this consistently and sticking with it. There’s that. It’s also that which compelled me to write at least this today.

If you’re reading this, thank you. It means something. I may not be the best at getting back to people just yet, I hope it will come with time.

Now, to shower. It’s been a hot minute.

One thought on “Withdrawal is Kicking my Butt (no post)

  1. Hey, life is sometimes dark, but light is never dead ✨ it’s alright. You are given this life cause you are strong enough to live it 😉❤✨ stay strong. Keep smilin’! ☺

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