Getting a Grip During a Hold

This is for anyone doing a titration.

This is for anyone out there who realizes self-care is hard as hell.

And, this is for me. Hey, me? Yeah. Me. LISTEN.

A titration hold is what you need to keep your sobriety in check. It takes a lot of courage to admit to yourself that symptoms, even the minor ones, are setting you up to crash and burn. Remember the last time you came off this garbage drug and ignored the signs your body and brain were screaming at you? What happened? You crashed even harder and landed right back on these little peach poisons at an even higher dose than before. Yes, relapse is inevitable on the road to recovery. It’s already been done, so let’s learn from that past mistake and be preventative.

A hold does not mean…

…you’re weak.
…you’re selfish.
…you can’t do this.
…you’re going to fail.
…you’re stuck forever.
…any other bullshit lie you know your brain’s trying to trick you with.

A hold means…

…you’re responsible.
…you’re mindful.
…you’re willing.
…you’re radically accepting.
…you’re taking an active driver’s seat in your recovery.
…you’re telling this monster you’re not going to lose.

It’s not forever. You’re going to stay at the dose for two weeks to give your body the time it needs to level out. Not allowing this to happen will also stop you from trying out new plans due to your brain stopping you in your tracks. What do empathetic people say to you when you’re sick with a cold or flu? This is no different. So what if your end date is pushed a bit further? Focus on the right now, the present day.

You got this.

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