Medical Issue – No Post

No actual post today.

I have what’s called partial bowel obstructions. When I had my surgery for ovarian cancer, scar tissue decided to wrap itself around my small intestine. They went in to remove one full blockage, subsequently causing paradoxical scar tissue. When they went in to remove my gallbladder, it caused two more partially blocked sites.

The pain of a full obstruction can be worse than child birth: this was said to me by a woman who had both happen a few days a part.

Yesterday, after months of no issues, one decided to flare-up. I was buckled over all day, and no position was comfortable. I had some relief when I stopped eating. The protocol is 72-hour liquid diet until it settles, then try to eat low-fiber foods until things are pain free. Then you can start reintroducing all foods. Blow to the orthorexic brain, yep. I’ll keep it in check.

I can’t have more surgery to remove them as it makes more scar tissue.

Go to the hospital! You may be thinking. Ah, no. I will go if I figure out this is a full obstruction. How do I know it’s not? My bowels are making noise, I’m passing gas, and I’m not buckled over like a stab victim.

My biggest stopper? My titration. I don’t want to be set back as the hospital staff no nothing on how it works, and wouldn’t let me handle that part of my medicine. This process takes long enough.

I’m going to be learning a lot of new things over the weekend, and yes, I’ll definitely share.

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